Mental Health Services

Mental Health Services
Mental Health Services

A. Psychological Evaluation
  • To gain a broader perspective of the child’s strengths and difficulties
  • To understand the underlying factors contributing to the child’s symptoms and behavioral issues.
B. Child/Parent-Child/Family Psychotherapy/Developmental Guidance
  • To address anxiety, depression, adjustment problems, relationship difficulties, behavior problems, parenting issues.
  • To provide opportunities for healing, developing emotional coping skills, and foster stronger family relationships.
  • To promote healthy coping in the presence of developmental limitations.
C. Infant-Parent Psychotherapy/Developmental Monitoring
  • To support parents who are experiencing maternal/post-partum depression.
  • To mitigate risk factors for infants and young children and promote optimal development.
D. Parent Education and Support Groups
  • To promote parents’ understanding of their child’s developmental needs and what they can do to support their child’s confidence and competence.
E. Circle of Hope Project: Psychological Wellness Program for Children and Teens with Cancer
  • To serve the mental health needs of children and teen cancer patients at the Philippine General Hospital (PGH), at all stages of their treatment.