Special Programs

Special Programs
Special Programs
A. Early Intervention Program

The EIP is an early intervention program that is transdisciplinary, play based and family-centered. It espouses a developmentally appropriate approach that respects individual differences for children at risk for developmental delays. All learning takes place in the context of a child's relationship.

EIP Brochure

B. Space CALM℠ Inner Life Skills Workshop for Children

Inner Life Skills Workshop for Children

Helping Kids Tap Their Inner Resources to Cope with Difficulties

Space CALM is a group intervention program designed to help children cope with stress, anxiety, mood problems, social withdrawal, and low self-esteem. This is open to children 8 to 12 years old.

At the core of this intervention is the practice of mindfulness, through which the workshop helps children develop emotion regulation skills and engage in more adaptive behaviors.

The program consists of 10 sessions.

Space CALM Brochure

C. iRelate: A Social Thinking Program

MedMom iRelate Social Thinking Group

Learning together to foster meaningful interactions and positive relationships.

iRelate Brochure

D. CAMP MedMom

Camp MedMom

Learning is fun at Camp MedMom where development is promoted through outdoor activities.